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T. Dallas’ new book! In the Black: Changing the Dominant Narrative in the Commercial RE Industry

This month, we're shining the spotlight on an outstanding pioneer, T. Dallas Smith. As a luminary in the commercial real estate field, Smith has been instrumental in paving the way for diversity and inclusion within an industry that has historically been resistant to change.

Recently, Smith added "author" to his impressive list of accomplishments with the publication of his book, "In the Black". This insightful text showcases Smith's rich experiences, highlighting the crucial role of honest and open relationships in the high-stakes world of commercial real estate.

Within "In the Black", Smith shares his firm belief in the power of preemptive relationship-building, offering the advice to "build relationships before you need them". Through captivating personal stories, he underscores the vital role of advocates and mentors in his journey, some of whom came from unexpected places.

Moreover, Smith candidly addresses the challenges of forging a career in an industry that has historically been unwelcoming to Black men and women. But rather than focusing on the obstacles, he chooses to spotlight the opportunities, demonstrating through his own journey that barriers can indeed be broken down, and that one can be a trailblazer while also creating opportunities for others.

In essence, Smith's story serves as a testament to his resilience and a source of inspiration for those seeking to make their own mark in commercial real estate or any industry. His book is a significant contribution to the dialogue around diversity and inclusion in real estate and beyond, marking another notable milestone in his extraordinary career.

We are proud to recognize T. Dallas Smith as a valued member of the commercial real estate community and commend him for his ongoing dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion within the world of commercial real estate. His tenacity, visionary approach, and drive to empower others are a powerful reminder of what is possible when we dare to challenge the status quo.

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