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Featured Member Highlight: Trica Jean-Baptiste, Founder, Morgensheer Hospitality Inc.

We are thrilled to feature Trica Jean-Baptiste in this month's BCREN newsletter as our distinguished Advisory Board member.

We wish to announce that Trica will be stepping down from her role. Over the past 3 years, Trica has been a valuable member of the BCREN Advisory Board. Her impact on both the Advisory Board and the broader BCREN community is immeasurable, and we couldn't be more grateful for her contributions over the past 3 years.

About Trica Jean-Baptiste

Trica is the visionary founder of Morgensheer Hospitality, Inc. (MHI), a renowned Hospitality and Real Estate Advisory Consortium. Under her leadership, MHI has successfully identified and evaluated premium investment opportunities in luxury hospitality, commercial, and residential sectors. Her client roster is as impressive as it is diverse, featuring Family Offices, Funds, and REITs from both domestic and international markets.

Industry Influence and Mentorship

Trica is not just a business leader; she's a mentor and role model to many. She has invested her time and expertise in cultivating the next generation of professionals in hospitality and commercial real estate. Her mentorship has extended beyond the immediate circle of MHI and has positively influenced numerous individuals within the BCREN network.

Building the Bridge: Hospitality and Real Estate Platform

Most recently, Trica has been instrumental in the development of a new hospitality/residential platform. This innovative initiative bridges capital to actionable acquisitions, demonstrating her knack for identifying gaps in the market and fulfilling them efficiently. Her role in this has been pivotal, marking yet another milestone in her career.

A True Asset to BCREN

Her contributions to BCREN have been incalculable, offering seasoned insights that have helped shape and drive the network’s vision and strategy. Trica’s wealth of experience, along with her natural ability to lead and inspire, make her a standout member of our community.

We are proud to have had Trica Jean-Baptiste on our Advisory Board and even prouder to highlight her accomplishments and contributions to the industry. Thank you, Trica, for your dedicated service and for being an inspiration to us all.


We invite you to connect with and follow Trica to gain insights into the evolving landscape of hospitality and real estate. We are certain you will find her to be as exceptional as we do.

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