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Featured Member Highlight: Murphy D. Cheatham, II

Step into the world of commercial real estate, and you will likely come across the name of Mr. Murphy D. Cheatham, II.

Described best as a Multinational Real Estate and People Professional, Murphy's commitment to the world of real estate is palpable. His areas of expertise are vast, encompassing Organizational Effectiveness, Talent Development, Human Capital, and Inclusion.

Starting his illustrious journey with The Modus Development Group as a Leader in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) developer, Murphy managed the prominent multi-million dollar project, Galleries at Turney. But this was just the beginning. Advancing his career, Murphy collaborated with HDR, Inc., leading the strategic planning for a staggering $300 million in mixed-use real estate development across states like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

Murphy's dedication and aptitude didn't go unnoticed. The City of Shreveport acknowledged his skills and success by appointing him as the Chief of Housing and Business Development. This role was not just a testament to his expertise but also made him the youngest individual to ever hold the position. With a clear mission to uplift underserved communities, Murphy directed multi-million dollar budgets towards revitalization programs, opening avenues for real estate and business growth.

His portfolio is adorned with numerous accomplishments and lucrative deals. Notable among them are his collaborations with the National Development Council, leading critical affordable housing projects backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. One can't discuss Murphy's achievements without mentioning his principal role in the Memphis Pyramid, an iconic $120 million economic redevelopment initiative.

With roots in Grambling State University, Murphy wears his alumnus tag proudly. He plays an active role in the University's Foundation and has been a pivotal force in establishing the real estate partnership with Arizona State University's MRED Program, aiming to provide Grambling students with an intensive Real Estate focus.

Murphy D. Cheatham, II's story is one of dedication, excellence, and a constant quest for growth. He stands as a beacon for budding real estate professionals, highlighting what's possible with hard work and vision.

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