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Our Team.


Derith Jarvis

Derith Jarvis is a Senior Vice President at JLL and an experienced executive with a reputation for providing leadership and achieving results in a dynamic business environment. Derith is helping to lead several Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives in JLL as well as Co-Leading JLL's Black Professionals Network in Dallas. As a leader and Co-Founder of the BCREN, Derith is committed to the education, promotion, professional development, and recruitment of minorities in Commercial Real Estate.  

Dustin Sutton 

Dustin Sutton is a Business Manager and Commercial Real Estate Manager for Meissner Commercial Real Estate Services, a company headquartered in San Diego, California. Dustin brings over 17 years of sales, marketing, and real estate experience. Dustin has a passion for helping others and giving back to the community through various initiatives. Most recently, Dustin has shown his commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts by co-founding and organizing the BCREN.

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